Lianne MacGregor, MA MEd ACC

I'm Lianne. Thirty years ago I was lost in a relationship with addictive substances. I'd allowed addiction to rob me of everything I cared about and everything I thought I knew about myself.  The losses were staggering.


At some point I decided I wanted a different kind of life.  So I rolled up my sleeves and followed the lead of trusted others and a new life began to take shape - a life that exceeded all my expectations.


Eventually I began to realize that everything I'd learned about recovering from addiction could also apply to other changes and challenges in my life: divorce, relocation, remarriage and step-parenting, healing childhood hurts, caring for critically-ill loved ones, overhauling my career, and reconnecting with my faith.   


Today, I’m convinced recovery is a never-ending journey that encompasses every aspect of life.  And instead of being discouraged by this, I’m excited by it.


So excited, I’ve made the Recovered Life my life’s work.


2020 was a tough year. Yet over and over again I heard from people who credited the work they’d done in overcoming addiction as preparation for the pandemic.


This has been my experience, too.


So I’ve decided to share some of the gifts of recovery with anyone who has struggled to cope over the past several months, or at any time.


Because the tools and strategies that have kept me not just sober, but strong and healthy and sane for the past thirty years, as well as the past ten months (and on into 2021), will do the same for you.


So let’s get started.

Work with me to uncover new ways of responding to life's challenges.

As a life coach, I have confidence in your ability to move forward

from a position of competence, courage, and strength.


As a recovery coach, I offer practical and personalized strategies for

untangling complex problems and achieving freedom from the patterns of

thinking, feeling, and behaving that get in the way of lasting change. 


As a person of faith, I welcome the healing presence of the Divine 

on my journey of recovery, and I invite you to do the same.

The Recovered Life is within reach.  Let’s reach for it together.

© 2019 Lianne MacGregor

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