How I work

My understanding of the Recovered Life has been shaped by multiple factors:

  • my formal education in counseling and pastoral care

  • my work in the criminal justice system, adult education, and front-line addiction treatment

  • my training, certification, and continuing education as a coach

  • my personal experience of recovery

  • my many interactions with individuals who are looking for new ways of looking at problems


As a result, my approach doesn’t focus on a single ideology or methodology. I use a blended approach that grounds and gives shape to my work while allowing me to be responsive to what matters most to my clients.

My work happens from beside, raising awareness about the factors that I have found to be significant in our efforts to create and sustain meaningful change:


  • The ability to see our circumstances and ourselves clearly.

  • The ability to accept what cannot be altered or controlled.

  • The ability to fully own what belongs to us: our actions, beliefs, and attitudes. And to let go of what doesn't.

  • The willingness to take risks.

  • Living in authentic connection – with ourselves, with others, and with the Divine (to learn more about my take on faith, click here). 

Above the Clouds
The best part is I felt heard and validated ... I came away better equipped to face the things that challenge me.
                                                                                                           Rosalyn Blackett, Ottawa Canada
When you work with me at least three things will happen:

You'll bring resolution to the issue that brought you to coaching in the

first place (yes, you - you're the expert on your life. I'm just here to light

the spark and fan the flames).

You’ll see yourself and your ability to work through problems in a new

and empowering way (prepare to feel your confidence soar).


You’ll bring this new perspective and skillset to other situations and

challenges (in other words, you’ll begin to coach yourself – and I’m totally

fine with that).

Above the Clouds

Lianne's course on coping is my new gold standard.                                                                                                                                                                                                         Margaret Moore, Chapel Hill, NC

Who I am

I've worked in the fields of criminal justice, adult education, and substance abuse treatment. 


I hold Bachelor’s degrees in criminology and education and Master’s degrees in counseling and spiritual care.  I'm certified through the International Coach Federation as a life coach specializing in recovery and I've completed additional training in Motivational Interviewing, Enneagram, and WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan).  In addition to coaching, I also teach and mentor coaches in training.


I'm deeply spiritual, slightly irreverent, witty, gritty, and passionate about traveling alongside people on their journey to the Recovered Life. I live my ever-unfolding version of the Recovered Life with husband Hugh and Jack Russell rescue (!!) Finley, somewhere between Chapel Hill, NC and Ottawa, Ontario.